Thursday, 29 May 2014


It's my first blog and following the social protocol, I'll start with a self intro.
I'm not a writer or someone famous I am merely a girl expressing her thoughts so feel free to criticize  and close the page if you think it's not worth it BUT it is my first attempt so ,well, be nice okay?
Let's start with the basics. I am 18, female,residing in India , a designer..well..err..soon to be.
so let's get started.!
CBSE BOARD RESULTS CLASS XII. The terrified look on all our faces upon hearing this, not knowing the outcome, living in the uncertainty is painful. We somehow gather our courage and with trembling hands, racing heartbeat type in our roll number.We then see our marks and immediately all of us, you, me ,the guy I sat next to during my boards, the guy trying to cheat from my paper, the girl who prayed everyday before her exam WE all get divided into two groups. The ones who are satisfied and the ones who aren't .
Some cry, some jump with joy while some see the disappointing look on their parents' faces.
In one instant the people around us either become our companions in the following misery or our partners in happiness.
People say marks aren't a judge of intelligence, I agree YET I judge a person when he/she says I scored a mere 70. 'How? it was so easy ? Are you stupid or what?" ...Don't deny it , we all do it.
It's engraved in our brains.We have been brought up with it .." padhlo beta , XYZ ke toh itne aa rahe hai ".
I got into NIFT , my board marks had no relevance to my college or my future. I had got what I had dreamed of, I had achieved my sole goal in life and I still cried my eyes out when I calculated that I had just managed 88%, I cried so much that my mum thought I might go into depression. All I could think of was, people will judge me and I wasn't wrong, people will judge, they always will. There is a certain amount of satisfaction humans get from 1) having gotten hold of some hot gossip 2) see yourself do better than the rest.And it's natural. You can't blame them for the lack of sensitivity or being a little "mean".
Falling down doesn't matter but getting back up with your head held high..that's what matters. that's what defines you as a person, as an individual .
I won't give examples of oh well Bill Gates didn't finish college.Because the ratio of people who make it big with a college degree to the people who do WITHOUT a college degree is well, rather discouraging to say the least. What I will say is, It's alright. Find your calling, cry, feel bad, pity yourself, loathe yourself, don't take a bath , do whatever you have to make yourself better but once you do, GET BACK OUT THERE.
The world is our oyster and all of us, no matter what our marks reflect are pearls.
How often do we ask our parents what they scored in their boards?
How often do you ask your teachers what they scored ?
We don't. So the next time someone asks you how much did you score beta? GOOD OR NOT SO GOOD, say it with a smile. Don't let marks deter your confidence, Life's too short and marks too many to let it affect us.

PS: I might or might not continue the blog, so ADIOS ! :D


  1. Nice one Aanchal... good start, how often would you like to write?

    1. thankyou :D planning to start as a bi weekly blog :)

  2. Congrts anchal !!! grt achievement. Well written... all d best for ur future endeavours.......

  3. Aanchal! Ultimately, it is the end result... which matters!
    Your aim was NIFT... which u achieved!
    Rest all is of academic interest!
    You aim to excel in what you like!
    Don't worry about what people will say!
    All the best!
    God Bless!
    We r proud of u!!

  4. Very nice Aanchal. You have expressed your thoughts well.
    Do keep it up and you will be amazed with this beautiful world of bloggers.
    I am so proud, still remember you as a little kid in bhatinda.

    Welcome Aboard!

    Shelley Uppal.

  5. Good job aanchal!!
    Good start... Keep writing....
    Believe me after certain point in time marks n pct doesn't matter all that matters is ur knowledge n work.... All the best for NIFT

  6. Nicely worded expression of a teeny weeny bit of disappointment. .. Nice start Anchal!...btw..guys pl dont take her dont take bath seriously;-)

  7. Aanchal, v r proud of you. Just go ahead n achieve ur aim. V love you n will always be there for you whenever required.

  8. wooo nice one with deep meaning... aanchal i must it didnt seems to be your first time......

    1. hahah, thanks ajay :D and congrats !

    2. thanku n congrats to u too NIFT really a great oppertunity for u (y)

  9. Hey Aanchal,
    Wonderfully written! :) Many congratulations on your board scores, and acing NIFT.
    Keep penning down your thoughts and emotions, as your writings are one of the few things which are truly 'your own self'.
    All the best for your future endeavors!